It’s only natural to like women and nature, right? Without nature we humans could not exist and without women we men could not come into being. So yeah, I enjoy pristine nature and happy ladies. Anything wrong with that? I don’t think so.

Well, it’s all about happy people in general, but I think that women somehow deserve more happiness. Or I dunno, a better, a different kind of happiness, a feminine, fragile and beautiful happiness which suits them like a glove and which could not be used to describe the happiness of men (they deserve one too, but it’s of a different kind). Happy women are a sight to see, but, unfortunately, most unfortunately, a lot of women more often than not are part of the sort of relationships which transform them into something entirely different than what they are meant to be, namely into beasts of burden who do not seem to be good for anything of real importance. More often than not women seem to be kept around as pets rather than individuals with their own feelings and their own desires. The true life (and the fictional) examples for such relationships are much too many to even attempt to keep track of…

A smile can be the motive for another, and then another… If we can manage to make women smile just for once, we might bring about a number of reasons for them to keep smiling. So let’s! There’s nothing all too complex about happiness, in truth it’s just an umbrella term for a number of little things brought together and which fusion into a state of well-being which under the right circumstances could bear the name happiness. These little things are not reserved for just a couple of people, they can be part of the day-to-day reality for all of us. The problem is that a lot of us forget these little things and thus permit relationships to fall into various unhappy states of being. Don’t let women turn unhappy, miserable or alone-although-together! Make them smile, day in day out! They are such beautiful creatures when they smile!

This being said, with nature I might not be able to do much, but regarding the lives of a number of women I surely can do something. Enough. And will do. Because even if the planet is getting destroyed, even if we manage to utterly disregard our connection to nature, while on its surface there is still one last lady to smile, it was all worth it!

*there are quite a number of things I also really enjoy in life, but they are “things”, they are not alive so they cannot be the equals of nature and women




I don’t need ‘tcha


Knowing how to take care of yourself and the ability to say no are paramount in the life of a healthy individual. A woman who says no to a relationship but who knows how to do it without the man asking for one not getting hurt (all that much) can be even sexier than one who drops in the arms of any man. Our society is so twisted that it’s just a short walk to falling into the trap of regarding a woman who too easily accepts to enter relationships as an easy woman. Better to be a strong woman convinced about what you want than to fall into the former category. Not wanting any relationships at all, at the moment, is being…well…me for the past few years…so nothing too fancy or too amazingly new, thank you very much! 🙂 ⇒⇓


I am lonely, that’s true. But I’d rather have someone with which to communicate everything for years to come than have some hurried up relationship and end up not talking to that person again. It’s extremely difficult to be friends with certain women, but it may very well be worth it and bring much more joy than a relationship which could prove to be ephemeral. My brain accepts, understands and does not contest the validity of such a judgment, even if my heart is not so sure…not at all, actually. But since I’m a cerebral creature I’ll have to tell my heart to fuck off as she’s not calling the shots.

Finding an extraordinary woman is difficult, but finding a true friend is equally so. I’m told that I should end a friendship in which I want more and the other does not. But that would be cowardice and foolishness. I never said that I need a relationship, I said that it would (probably) be a good thing. I’m cerebral enough to keep myself in check and accept a friendship which I deeply desire and about which I think would bring me a lot of joy…for an indefinite amount of time. One that’s not likely to stumble upon fights & stuff.

So I’m content. I’m a good guy like that.